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Dr Mariam Tarik

Counselling Psychologist


I have worked in the NHS for over 10 years, and have spent many years working in corporate and private sectors. During this time, I have worked extensively with those experiencing drug and alcohol addiction, taking sexual risks, experiencing sex and porn addiction as well as using chems or other party drugs. As a result of this work, I have developed understanding of the impact this has on one’s life and the relationship with oneself and others. I believe that there is no one size fits all, and I will work with you to understand your story and circumstances, and work to reduce risks as well as help you to develop a better understanding of yourself so that we can tailor a therapeutic approach to fit your needs.


My training as a psychologist means that I am versed in several models of therapy, and I feel that it is important to work in a way which best meets your needs.

CBT is one of these models that can be particularly helpful when working with addiction, as it can give us a framework to work within. At the start of our time, we will spend a while understanding what brings you to therapy and how what you are experiencing sits within the context of your life. As we build this picture, we will think carefully about what you hope to gain from therapy and your motivations, and how we may be able to bring about change. These are led by you. CBT can then help us to develop the tools to manage difficult situations, which can in turn allow you to develop a freedom from your symptoms of addiction.


BSc, Msc and PsychD