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Post Rehab Support Programme

City Addictions also provides a full post-rehab programme for individuals who need additional support as they return to their everyday lives. It’s a programme tailored specifically for this situation, and available only to those who have already been through rehab.

The City Addictions post-rehab programme

Following a residential stay in a rehab clinic and the period of isolation that this entails, it’s likely that you’ll need additional support to enable you to fully resume your everyday life and activities, and return to your family, work and social commitments successfully without relapsing.

Our post-rehab programme is designed specifically for this situation. It includes the same fundamental phases of treatment as our main psychological treatment programme, but completed over a shorter period of time and with various adjustments to suit the particular needs of those who are returning from rehab.

As with our main programme, you will be allocated a specialist addictions psychologist, who you will meet with throughout your post-rehab programme for consistency and continuity.

Treatment phases

For full details about the specific content of each of these phases please refer to the main programme pages. The differences in the post-rehab programme are highlighted below:

The post-rehab programme begins in a similar way to the main programme, with an assessment and formulation phase. However, in the post-rehab programme this is covered in a single session with your allocated consultant psychologist. We won’t provide a report in this instance, as we’ll do a full handover and work with your previous therapists who will already have assessed you.

You will then move into the intensive treatment phase, and in the post-rehab programme this lasts two months. You’ll meet with your consultant psychologist twice a week for four weeks, and then once a week for four weeks. The content will be tailored to your specific needs and what’s been covered in your previous therapy.

Finally, the programme moves into the relapse prevention phase which is the same as in the main programme and lasts six months. For the first two months you will meet with your psychologist every two weeks. Then over the next four months this reduces to once every four weeks.

Getting back to your normal life

Ultimately the programme is designed to help you get back to your normal life and recover from your addiction as quickly as possible. Having already been through rehab you will have already taken significant steps to recovery. The City Addictions post-rehab programme can help support you in making that important transition back to your everyday life.