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Una Reynolds

HCPC Practitioner Psychologist


I’m a psychologist with experience working across a number of different sectors, including private, government and charity, in both the UK and in Australia. I’ve worked with individuals and couples, assisting them with a vast range of psychological issues and stressors impacting on their overall wellbeing and ability to function in everyday life.

I currently work exclusively in private practice. Previously experience in addictions includes providing psychological therapy in two inner city practices in Sydney – Uplift Psychological Services and Sydney Counselling Centre. Here I worked predominantly with chronic and complex drug and alcohol cases, amongst other things, and also dealt with accompanying issues such as homelessness, legal and financial ramifications of drug/alcohol abuse, physical and emotional impact, relationship/family problems and employment issues as a result of long-term drug and alcohol use.

More recently I was a Counselling Psychologist at The House Partnership, providing one-to-one psychological therapy for adults. Here I worked primary using the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) paradigm, and with the adoption of other psychological theories and approaches depending on the individual cases and presenting issues.


I don’t believe there’s a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to treating addictions. My approach is to work closely with the client to fully understand the problem, and then to develop and facilitate an individualised treatment plan tailored to the client’s specific needs and goals, taking into account what they want to get out of the programme.

I see myself as a facilitator or coach, in the sense that I’ll help guide and encourage my clients, whilst also supporting and working with them as they face specific obstacles and challenges during treatment. Sometimes it can make a real difference to have someone on the sideline that can not only support and encourage but also help out tactically and strategically when the game gets tough.

I follow Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) principles as it provides a framework to understand the process of addiction for that person. Dealing with addiction can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate or see a way out of. CBT is an effective treatment methodology which can help the individual and psychologist to deconstruct the problem and work out ways to deal with things in more manageable steps.

I became involved in this area after working with long-term chronic drug and alcohol clients and recognising that with the right support and assistance it’s possible to create longstanding change for someone and really make a difference. I am constantly humbled and inspired by the courage I see in people striving to create the change they want in their lives. It’s extremely rewarding and fulfilling to be a part of that.


Registered with the Psychology Board of Australia
BA Psychology, University of Sydney