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Dr Lou Monaco

Chartered Psychologist


I am a Consultant Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, with over 20 years’ experience working in a range of clinical settings including inpatient psychiatric hospitals, outpatient community treatment centres, correctional facilities, and independent practice in the United States, London and Paris.

Addictions and substance misuse has been an area of interest throughout my training and clinical experience, and I’ve developed treatment programmes and provided therapeutic interventions in addictions involving alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, internet use, shopping and sexual behaviour.

In addition to working with addictions, I also work across the full spectrum of clinical presentations, ranging from mild to severe, including anxiety disorders, depression, self-esteem issues, personality disorders, relationship difficulties, psychosis, bipolar affective disorder, adult attention deficit disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Academically, I’ve taught and supervised doctoral and masters level psychology students at California School of Professional Psychology, Long Island University, and at City University of New York, and held Adjunct Professor posts at City University.


It can be daunting sometimes to pursue what you really feel will bring you wellbeing, to take a risk and override fear of the unknown, particularly if things in your past haven’t always gone to plan. It can be easy to lose faith in your abilities, and you may find it almost impossible to believe that life will work out for the best. It might seem more sensible to stay in your present situation for the sake of stability or safety, even if it makes you unhappy.

Sometimes, drugs, alcohol, sex, and/or food can provide immediate relief to negative feelings, and can quickly become an overwhelming, powerful option to help cope with difficult feelings. Therefore, in addition to working on the addiction, it is imperative to also work on the external factors, thoughts, and feelings that have contributed to those activities becoming problematic.

Sometimes life rocks its own boat, with chance events resulting in change and opportunity. But most of the time it’s up to us to instigate the changes we want to make. That’s a tough call at the best of times, but particularly when your thoughts are clouded by emotion, or you feel totally stuck in a rut. It’s not always something you can do alone… which is where therapy comes in.

I believe that therapy and overcoming addiction is not something that is done ‘to’ you – it’s a shared collaborative experience between the therapist, who can provide an objective and empathic perspective, and the client, who holds expert status on their own experience. I’ve trained in a number of approaches to addiction which can be helpful for different people. My skills lie in developing and tailoring the therapy – or combination of therapies – that work best for you.

Whether I’m working with individuals or couples, I try to put my true self into the therapeutic relationship, sharing my own life experience and insights where appropriate. Ultimately though, this is your space to recognise and overcome the barriers that are preventing you from making the best of the opportunities available to you.


Associate Fellow of the BPS
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy
Bachelors in Business Administration